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Welcome to Tenacity Sport for Development, where we harness the power of sport and technology to drive positive change in communities.

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Discover the heart of Tenacity Sport for Development, a regional initiative rooted in leveraging technology and sport to drive social change. Our vision is a world where everyone, regardless of background, has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Through sports coaching, media campaigns, community outreach, and advocacy, we address critical issues such as HIV prevention, gender equality, youth development, and community building. Our team, comprised of skilled professionals with backgrounds in sports coaching, media, community development, and advocacy, works closely with a range of stakeholders to ensure our programs are relevant, effective, and sustainable. Supported by various sources, including government agencies, foundations, corporate donors, and individual supporters, we are committed to making a significant impact in communities throughout Oshana.

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Youth Development

Empowering the Youth: How Sports Can Shape the Future Leaders of Tomorrow

Gender Equality

Breaking Barriers: Championing Gender Equality Through Sports

HIV Prevention

Tackling HIV: The Role of Sports in Prevention and Awareness

Community Building

Uniting Communities: The Impact of Sports in Building Stronger Bonds

Sports Outreach

Spreading Positivity: The Power of Sports in Reaching Communities

Making a Difference

Explore how you can be part of the change by supporting our initiatives. Your involvement can make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

Our Impact Voices

Tenacity Sport for Development has truly made a difference in our community. Their dedication to using sports and technology to address social issues is inspiring and impactful. We are grateful for their commitment to positive change.

Linda Johnson

Tenacity Sport for Development is committed to creating positive change through innovative and impactful programs.

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