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Lack of access to quality coding education in Southern Africa

Due to various socioeconomic factors, many individuals in Southern Africa do not have access to quality coding education, which can limit their job opportunities and ability to innovate. Elyambala provides a solution to this problem by offering affordable and accessible coding education to individuals in the region.

  • Lack of resources

Limited access to technology and educational resources can hinder learning and growth in the field of coding and edupreneurship.

  • Limited networking opportunities

Lack of exposure to potential mentors, partners, and investors can make it difficult for individuals in Southern Africa to expand their businesses and make meaningful connections.

  • Limited market opportunities

The market for coding and edupreneurship may not be as developed in Southern Africa, making it challenging to find customers and grow a business.


Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing specialization will cover topics such as Social Media Marketing SEO Optimization, Email Communication and Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Analytics, and Reporting, etc.

The Digital Marketing specialization in the Grassroots Coding program is for young professionals who seek to launch and advance a career in digital marketing.

Web Development

The Web Development specialization will cover topics such as Website design with WordPress, Website Management and Maintenance, etc.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design specialization will cover topics such as Introduction to Graphic Design, Design Basics, Typography and Color, Design Thinking, Design Elements, Logo and assorted Designs, use of Photoshop, Illustrator and other design software, etc.

Content Writing

The Content Writing specialization will cover topics such as Effective Communication, Mechanics of Writing, Understanding your Audience, Writing Principles and Guides, Blog and Article Writing, Web Content Writing, Technical Writing, Creative Writing, Copywriting, etc.

UNESCO CODEMAO Africa-Asia Youth CodingĀ 

CODE.GAME INSPIRES YOUTH TO BECOME CREATORS. Learn to think, feel and communicate in new ways, CODE.GAME students start the fun coding adventure and easy to create their own program projects like games, software, animations, and even tools.

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